Therio Service (Breeding and Breeders)

Dr. Sheridan has been working with breeding dogs and professional breeders since 1993- that’s over 20 years of experience.  He has been successful in producing litters in previously infertile bitches, improving the sperm quality of failing stud dogs by determining the underlying metabolic cause of their poor sperm quality, restoring bitches to reproductive quality after medical management of open cervix pyometra, collecting and shipping chilled semen for use by other veterinarians, and receiving chilled and frozen semen for artificial insemination of local bitches.  He can collect epidydymal and testicular tissue for semen collection and storage at the time of castration or euthanasia, so as to preserve genetic material after the end of reproductive health in the male.  He provides additional support to current clients actively using his services, by offering availability for after-hour C-sections and personal cell phone contacts.  Additionally, he performs confirmatory and complimentary ultrasound pregnancy checks to those clients who follow his exact guidelines for reproductive success.


If you are interested in breeding your dog, early planning is probably the best thing you can do to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy.  It takes early planning to arrange for shipping of semen, ordering fresh supplies and liquid nitrogen, arranging for recipients, organizing all of the participants, let alone, timing the bitch and performing the lab work that determines the peak fertility times. Sometimes, delays can occur when it is necessary to train an inexperienced stud dog for artificial collection.  Calling our office on the day of breeding is not a good idea, to say the least!  Dr. Sheridan is more than happy to discuss your plans to breed your pet thru email or at your pet’s upcoming physical exam.  Together, we can develop a plan that optimizes the chance for healthy puppies and kittens!