At Folly Road Animal Hospital and Kennel, we can perform most surgical procedures required for the well being of your pet. Some of the surgeries we can perform are surgical sterilizations, knee and hip procedures, gastro-intestinal procedures, bladder procedures, tumor removals, eye procedures, and reconstructive work.

For procedures that require a specialist, we can make arrangements for one to visit our hospital and perform the procedure onsite. Or, we can make referrals to another facility better equipped to handle extremely technical procedures, such as a spinal injury repair.

All surgery is performed in a quiet, warm environment by experienced surgeons. Monitoring devices, such as an ECG machine and pulse oximeter (measures the percent of dissolved oxygen in the blood) may be used on your pet. Additionally, a trained assistant aids Dr. Sheridan in monitoring your pet under anesthesia.

Spaying and Neutering

Pre- and Post-Surgery Care

Minimally Invasive Procedures


Low-Cost Sterilization