Preventive health care and comprehensive physical examinations are important to your pet’s health. During regularly scheduled office visits, your pet can be brought up-to-date on immunizations, and future health problems may be recognized before they become severe. Print out this check-list for your pet’s next appointment, so all of your concerns can be addressed!

Through regular yearly exams, the FRAH staff can work with you to ensure that your pet receives all the necessary attention for your pet’s continued health.  At the Folly Road Animal Hospital we encourage reduced frequency of vaccination by customizing the “core” vaccination program based on each pet’s lifestyle, and in older pets, by incorporating licensed, three year vaccinations, when available.  For more vaccination information on cats, go here.  For Dogs, a recent guideline report from the American Veterinary Medical Association, suggests the strategy of customized vaccination based on individual lifestyles, is the best approach.  If you desire a more comprehensive discussion on canine vaccines, go here.

Discounted blood screening programs are also currently available.  Called our “Early Detection Program” (or EDP), we can offer comprehensive blood and urine chemistries designed to detect many common medical issues before they can be identified on a physical exam.  Detecting these problems before they become clinically evident, may add months and years to your pet’s longevity.  Ask about these special packages at the time of your routine visit.

For new owners of puppies and kittens, we offer comprehensive information on behavior issues, training, vaccines, flea and heart-worm products, and grooming procedures. You are invited to take a role in determining the best program for your new pet.