Microchip insertion provides a positive and permanent means of identification for your pet. Your pet will be identified for life through its transponder’s unique 10-digit alphanumeric code. Each transponder’s unique identification number is encoded during the manufacturing process. Once the number is encoded, it is impossible to alter.

The HomeAgain transponder carries no battery and remains inactive except when it’s being scanned. The transponder’s electronic circuitry is energized by a low-power radio beam sent by a compatible reading device. The transponder works by sending the identification number as a radio signal back to the reader, which then encodes the number and displays it on a small screen.

For use in dogs and cats of all ages, a small, sterile, HomeAgain transponder is injected into the subcutaneous tissue. The outer casing of the transponder is made from biologically inert glass. The HomeAgain transponder is sheathed in a polypropylene shell; this coating offers a surface with which connective tissue begins to bond within 24 hours, preventing the chip from moving.

Although, the HomeAgain system is labeled for use only in dogs and cats, we have been successfully injecting it into birds without any complications.