Kennel Facilities

Our Kennel building, located just behind the Hospital, is architect-designed to be hurricane resistant with re-bar reinforced concrete walls, a hurricane clipped roof, and elevated foundations above F.E.M.A. flood plain standards. Even the cages are structurally sound, with stainless steel fastened, 1.5 inch, tubular aluminum, reinforced walls.

The Kennel contains over 30 aluminum and steel dog enclosures. The enclosures measure 3 by 5 feet, large enough to comfortably house together two Labradors or three Yorkies. These enclosures have elevated, grated, vinyl coated floors that allow any “accidents” to drain to the sealed concrete floor below, keeping your pet dry and comfortable. Individual cages can be joined together, increasing the space available to your pet. You can also request that washable bedding be provided for your dog’s stay.

The landscape around the Kennel is designed to take into account what dogs love best—- drained mulch to walk on, plenty of bushes and shrubs to smell, bird nesting boxes to watch, and lots of trees to…well, you know!

All pets staying with us receive a full, veterinary exam upon check-in. A report card will accompany your pet upon checkout. The report card will include any findings and recommendations regarding your pet’s health, how they enjoyed their stay, any medications they received, and any other pertinent information regarding their “vacation” here at the Folly Road Animal Hospital and Kennel. If your pet did not enjoy his stay, we want you to know, so that next time, you can make different arrangements.