Boarding Levels

We have three levels of boarding services: “motel”, “hotel” and “bed and breakfast.”

Motel level boarding includes a 3×5′ kennel with elevated grated floors, two walks daily on our nature trail, all pets are fed Eagle Pack super premium diets, and owners receive a report card on their pet’s stay.

Hotel level boarding includes the same amenities our Motel guests enjoy, plus 15 minutes of personal attention* daily, and a tuck-in treat in the evening.

Bed and Breakfast level boarding includes the same amenities our Hotel guests enjoy plus another 15 minutes of personal attention* (to total 30 minutes daily), a bed in their kennel, a Veterinary approved toy, a tuck in treat in the evening and a bath at check-out.

*Personal attention is geared toward each individual pet whether it is fetching a ball, a leisurely walk around the yard, or just a little TLC.

Before you decide to leave your pet with us, we encourage you to ask for a tour of the facilities! But we must stress that no humans are allowed to stay!

We are not able to provide pricing via the website at this time. Please call the office at 843-762-4944 for prices or to schedule boarding.