FRAH Boarding


Dog Boarding

  • Kennels are raised, 3X5ft areas in a hurricane resistant building.
  • All dogs are walked 2-3 times daily or you can add FRAHlick Playcare for and additional daily fee.
  • We feed Holistic Select Food which is safe for dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies.
  • Multiple pets have the option to board together with a 30% discount on the second pet’s stay.
  • Current Rabies, DHLPPC and Bordetella are required.*

Cat Boarding

  • Kennels are raised 2x2ft areas in a hurricane resistant building.
  • All cats get their own litter box that is changed daily and contains paper litter for any sensitive toes.
  • We feed only Eagle Pack Adult cat food which is safe for sensitive tummies or allergies.
  • Current Rabies and FVRCPC are required.*

Limited Exotic Boarding Available:

  • We ask that the pet’s cages be provided(please bring the smallest cage they can comfortably live in while boarding)

Every pet that boards with us gets an exam.  This is $27.50, and with this the first night is FREE!

* If your pets vaccines are not current, they will be updated during the boarding exam and the cost will be added to your final bill.

You don’t have to bring anything except proof of current vaccinations. If you feel that your pet will be more comfortable with his/her own bed, or if you don’t want to change his/her food, feel free to bring either or both.

Before you decide to leave your pet with us, we encourage you to ask for a tour of the facilities! But we must stress that no humans are allowed to stay!

We are not able to provide pricing via the website at this time. Please call the office at 843-762-4944 for prices or to schedule boarding.