Ear Cleaning

Regular ear cleaning is a must for any pet, just as it is for a human. Waxy deposits and dirt can build up in the ear, causing a perfect breeding ground for infections that can be difficult to manage. Check your pet’s ears regularly between visits to the veterinarian and clean them out if you find any dirt or wax inside, or if they smell foul. A home-made solution of 50/50 rubbing alcohol and white vinegar can be used as a general ear cleaner; the vinegar will kill bacteria and yeast in the ears while the rubbing alcohol will dry up any excess moisture. Use cotton balls (NOT Q-tips!) to clean out the ears, putting the cotton ball in as far as your finger will go. If you need a deeper cleaning, take your animal to the veterinarian – trying to clean an ear you’re not familiar with can result in a ruptured ear drum.