is Vomiting?

My pet has been vomiting, do I need to worry?

Maybe. Some dogs and cats may vomit if they get into the garbage, eat some grass/leaves or are under some kind of stress (like a new roommate, change in environment or schedule). Or an obstruction, virus, parasite or other problem may be present. It is best to start with something called NPO therapy at home.

NPO (or nothing by mouth) involves withholding all food and water from your pet for 24 hours. You may need to hide the trashcan and close the bathroom door to achieve this. If your pet continues to vomit, then you should call us immediately! If the vomiting does not recur after 24 hours, try offering your pet a small amount of water. You can gradually increase the water offered every few hours provided that the vomiting does not resume. After 48 hours, you can begin to offer the regular food in the same way. Small amounts should be offered first, then gradually increased.

If any vomiting resumes during this period, or if you are unsure or worried, it is time to call us.DogCircle