has Diarrhea?

A change in diet or in the animal’s routine may cause diarrhea. You may want to hold the animal off food to give the stomach and intestines some time to normalize. A more gradual change in diet may be necessary. Mixing a small amount of the new food with the old may prevent this. Also, the addition of live-culture yogurt to the mixture may help.  Sometimes, the addition of a specialized, highly digestible diet, such as Hill’s I/D might help.

Remember that diarrhea may indicate the presence of parasites or a virus. If the pet is a young, geriatric, or showing other unusual signs, it should be seen by Dr. Sheridan within 12 hours. If it is a rabbit, it is an emergency!

No matter what the cause, diarrhea is messy and can cause additional expenses, such as cleaning bills! Do not hesitate to set up an appointment so that we can help! We can even keep your pet until the diarrhea has resolved-  just ask!