is Whelping?

Dogs and cats have been having puppies and kittens for eons without man’s help. Often times the best thing to do is to give the mother some “alone time” in a darkened, quiet room. A little Karo syrup or pancake syrup from a spoon may give her enough energy to deliver all the young.  More detailed information about preparing, monitoring and managing a whelping bitch can be found here.
However, by creating large heads and small hips through selective breeding (that has led to breeds such as in the Bulldog, Chihuahua or the Persian cat or in toy breeds such as the Yorkie or Poodle) problems might develop that require a veterinarian. If it has been more than 2-3 hours after the beginning of active labor or 4-6 hours between puppies or kittens, call for emergency assistance.newpeek