March News

Short Coated Dog Between Wooden Boards

Saturday Proheart 6 Clinic!

There will be a Proheart® 6 Clinic at The Folly Road Animal Hospital on Saturday, March 24th! We are accepting appointments between 9:00am and 12:30pm. For those unfamiliar with Proheart® 6, it is an injectable form of heartworm prevention. Once administered, Proheart® 6 prevents heartworm infections for six months. Because of its value, Proheart® 6 is an excellent option for owners of multiple dogs, giant breed dogs, or those of us who may not be the best at remembering to give monthly preventatives! A negative heartworm test is required within 30 days before the injection, so at our clinic we will be offering FREE Witness Heartworm Tests to dogs who need one. Dogs with valid heartworm tests will receive $5 off the cost of the injection! Prices are based on your dog’s weight, so give our front desk a call to get a quote and reserve your spot at the clinic on Saturday, March 24th! Saturday appointments fill up very quickly, so contact us today! For more information on Proheart® 6, click here!


Boarding Rates

Starting March 1st, 2018 our nightly boarding rate will increase from $20 to $23. Contact our front desk with any questions or to make a boarding reservation!


FRAHlick Playcare!

Folly Road Animal Hospital and Kennel would like to announce our Grand Opening for FRAH-LicK PlayCare!

We recently put in a play area for boarding dogs, but are now offering expanded daycare services to canine owners that we call “PlayCare!”


The large area is fully supervised and has injury resistant, soft and yielding substrate (mulch over sandy loam) that the dogs love to romp on, dig and roll in!   All toys and playground equipment are engineered for dogs in mind:  maximizing interest, creating protective “zones” and offering high play potential, while diminishing risk of injury.  Everything is washed twice daily to keep clean and tidy for our canine friends.  Additionally, your dog will receive a report card highlighting their favorite activities at playcare.  If your dog is boarding then you can add the playcare to their day to offer a truly vacation-like stay.

Use  dog “PlayCare” as a regularly scheduled outlet for high energy dogs or for dogs that need alternatives for destructive behavior and watch the behavior problems at home diminish!  Schedule same day-of-the-week visits, and that way, your dog will likely be hangin’ out with his familiar friends.

The rates for PlayCare vary depending on whether you want your dog to stay half day or full day, and also depending on how many days a week you would like your dog to enjoy some extra playtime. Some of the rates include:

Half day (8:30am-12pm or 2pm-5:30pm): $10/day

Full day (8:30am-5:30pm): $18/day

Any day packages:

5 Half days: $42.00

10 Half days: $80.00

5 Whole days: $80.00

10 Whole days: $150.00

If you have multiple dogs that would like extra play time, we are offering a 15% discount off each additional pet. We are also offering mid-week package deals, as well as an unlimited package for every month. If you would like more information regarding any of the packages, please call us at (843) 762-4944, or you can stop by and grab a flyer!