Grooming Supplies


In addition to our Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo, we carry an Aloe and Oatmeal Conditioner. Conditioners help moisturize your pet’s skin and leave their fur soft.

Deodorizing and Brightening Shampoos

For a sweeter smelling pet, use one of the deodorizing scented shampoos we carry as you would any of our other shampoos. If your pet has gorgeous white fur that you’d like to accentuate, try a brightening shampoo like PearlyBrite.


You may have heard of the incredible FURminator®! For brushing out a thick undercoat and any loose hairs, the FURminator® works wonders. We offer different brushes for cats and dogs, large or small, long hair or short! Ask us which brush we recommend for your pet.

Tear Stain Prevention

If you have a pet with chronic eye discharge that has left them with dark stains around their eyes, we have some products that may help! VetClassics offers an oral supplement that will help stop the source of the stains, as well as a topical liquid to clean around the eyes.

MalAcetic Wipes

Take the pug or bulldog, with all their glorious wrinkles. Sometimes a bath is not always practical, and can in fact be a bad idea for deep wrinkles! MalAcetic wipes are a great product for cleaning these wrinkles and keeping them dry and fresh. They also make cleaning ears, feet, and “hotspots” easy.

Ear Cleaner

When owning a pet (especially a water-loving Lab!) it is a good idea to keep a bottle of ear cleaner handy. Washing out your dogs ears can keep them comfortable and prevent infection. We offer a FRAH label ear wash with a mild scent that cleans pet ears well. Contact us or stop by for a quick and easy lesson on cleaning your pets ears.

Nail Trimmer

If you have been to our animal hospital for a visit, chances are you have seen us use our bright orange nail trimmers! These high quality trimmers are available for you to purchase.