It is important to eat a healthy diet, but unfortunately the foods that usually look the most appealing to us are actually the least healthy for our pets. Colorful, shaped kibble looks like it would be fun to eat, but let’s face it: dogs are colorblind. Not only that, but the dyes contained in these types of foods are not healthy for our pets and can cause food allergies. The best types of food are plain brown kibble that list a protein (meat) as the main ingredient instead of a carbohydrate (wheat or corn).  At the Folly Road Animal Hospital, we recommend a wide range of foods to keep our pet companions happy and healthy.  Our favorite brand, however, is Eagle Pack Holistic Select foods. You can explore Eagle Pack’s website for the food choice that is best for you and your pet, request free samples, “Join the Club” for automatically emailed coupons, and read interesting articles related to pet nutrition.  Eagle Pack was the Official Dog Food of the 2011 Iditarod®