Low Cost Sterilization

Low Cost Surgical Sterilizations: Currently, the Folly Road Animal Hospital is offering low cost sterilizations to help our clients and fellow county residents who are in financial need.  Pets that qualify can not be in estrus, or have any other complications, such as pyometra, crytorchidism, detectable pregnancy, or tumors of the reproductive tract.  They must be in good health.  If you feel you and your pet qualify, all you need to do is schedule your pet’s surgical alteration at the next available appointment time, by calling 762-3862.

Surgeries performed are the exact same procedures available at discount spay/neuter clinics.  Pets neutered at well-known, humane groups locally will not receive pre-anesthetic bloodwork, pain management, high-tech anesthetic monitoring, intravenous fluids, and individually tailored anesthetics. The Folly Road Animal Hospital will follow the exact same protocols commonly employed at these discounted facilities, so that we can competitively offer the same price schedules.  In contrast to these facilities, The Folly Road Animal Hospital is a fully privatized corporation, and as such, does not receive grants or any tax-payer support of any kind.

If you would like to discuss the addition of any or all of these extra services not offered by discount spay neuter programs, we can comply.