Koi and Fish Medicine

The Folly Road Animal Hospital is now providing medical care for your pet fish! Fish, just like any pet, are susceptible to a variety of diseases. These problems may range from nutritional and environmental to infectious diseases, such as bacteria and parasites. We can offer the same level of care that you may have thought were only available to your cat or dog. You can actually bring your fish into the hospital for a regular exam (follow the tips below) or, if you have a large reef tank or a Koi pond, Dr. Sheridan can make a house call to examine your entire fish population. Fish are intelligent and responsive animals. We understand the bond that fish owners establish with their pet fish and appreciate your concern with their health and safety.

Dr. Sheridan has been practicing fish medicine for over 20 years and was responsible for the health and well-being of over seven thousand fish and invertebrates (representing over 400 species) at the South Carolina Aquarium for over 8 years as their attending veterinarian. He established the South Carolina Aquarium’s veterinary student aquatic animal medicine internship program.  He is certified in administering CAVOY,  the first and only vaccine registered in the U.S. to prevent (KHV) Koi Herpes Virus.  He is also accredited by the National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP) in Preventing Disease Introduction and Spread in Aquaculture and Aquatic Animal Health Regulations and Health Certification for the State of South Carolina.  The NVAP is administered by the Veterinary Services (VS) branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) in collaboration with individual states.

Tips for bringing your pet fish to the Folly Road Animal Hospital:

    • Call ahead, so that we know you are coming!
    • Bring your fish in the same water it has been living in.
    • Use a large enough container –a clean bucket, a large cooler, or support plastic bags within rigid, puncture proof and waterproof containers.
    • Bring another equal size container with the same water from the aquarium or pond. (We may want to add sedatives to the first container.)
    • If available, bring an airstone and airpump to be plugged in when you arrive at the Folly Road Animal Hospital.