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Getting the cat to the Veterinarian: A Survival Guide

How can I get my cat to take her medicine?  We have prescribed medicine for your cat that we believe will benefit them, increase the quality of their life, and extend it.  For this reason, you should work hard at getting your cat the needed medications. Let’s face it-it ain’t easy giving a cat pills. We’re aware of this problem and will work hard at finding the right form of delivery and the most palatable drugs to ensure your cat is getting the medications it needs. You could try hiding medications in butter, yogurt, vanilla ice cream, crushed into canned foods, and hidden in “pill pockets”. But did you know that some drugs can be delivered by gels applied to the ears? Or that some pharmaceutical companies specialize in compounding medications into tasty treats? Sometimes, certain medications can be gotten in powder form and shaken in a ziplock baggy with dry food, or mixed into canned food. Let us know of any difficulties you are experiencing so that you can arrive at a solution that does not stress out your cat, you, and that special relationship you enjoy with your feline buddy.  Medicine delivery tutorial. And, a video.

Feline Renal (Kidney) Insufficiency (or failure) and recommended recheck schedules at the Folly Road Animal Hospital

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Feline Diabetes

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Fat Cats


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