A hurricane! What should I do regarding my pet?

A hurricane is coming. What should I do regarding my pet?

Its always best to make arrangements to take your pets with you if you feel it is necessary to evacuate. Hurricanes are unpredictable and can create tornadoes and severe flooding, which can leave your pet vulnerable. When you evacuate, take a copy of your pets’ vaccine or medical record with you.

If flying, you will need a current health certificate (within ten days), possible sedation, a sturdy crate or kennel, and 2-3 weeks worth of any required medications to ensure your pet’s safety. Also, call ahead for hotels that will accept pets or make arrangements to stay with friends or family members who are pet-tolerant. People are even more tolerant of your pets when they know you have them well crate trained. Crate trained animals are easier and safer to have in the car.  At the FRAH, we have seen small animals killed between the owner and the steering wheel during an impact.  We have seen a cat killed when it slid under the emergency brake handle and had its neck broken in a car that experienced a sudden stop.  And we have seen an owner ‘total’ their van after their toy breed dog was wedged between the brake pedal and the floor of the vehicle- the owner was unable to stop the van and hit a tree.  We have also had an owner lose their dog after her car rolled over and blew out all the car windows. The dog ran away while the owner was trapped in the car. It took three months of returning to the scene of the accident (on a rural Georgia highway) before she was re-united with her pet!  Perhaps these owners and animals would have benefited from having their animals secured in crates while they were traveling.

If you cannot evacuate your pet, try boarding it inland where flooding may not be as much of a concern. In an emergency with no other options, the FRAH kennel facility is built to be hurricane-resistant.