Meet Snatcher

snatcher_headSnatcher was an “untrainable” Jack Russell from North Georgia donated to Dr. Sheridan when she was 8 months old.   She assisted Dr. Sheridan and the staff of Folly Road Animal Hospital for the next 15 years by donating her time greeting clients and patients as they walked in the door and raising the morale of hospitalized patients and worried clients.  During her time at the hospital, she rescued a baby possum and helped with the rehabilitation of countless kittens and baby squirrels.

sittingIn addition to her volunteer work, she enjoyed long walks on the beach, sailing, fishing, barking enthusiastically at dolphins, chasing any and all types of rodents, and completing amazing “Snatcher” tricks—-which consisted of “snatching” away any dropped or unattended food items. Snatcher had recently been called out of semi-retirement to take on the training of another Jack Russell named, Sparrow.  Sadly, 5 years into Sparrow’s vigorous training, Snatcher succumbed to kidney failure at nearly 16 years of age.  We will all miss her very much and Dr. Sheridan still enjoys telling stories about her amazing feats of bravery and intelligence. Her protégé, Sparrow, has now taken her place as greeter at the Folly Road Animal Hospital.

Snatcher is eager to be your avatar guide, as you explore the Folly Road Animal Hospital and Kennel web site!